Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum requirements to run the software?
  • Operating System: Windows Operating System or Mac OS.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Browser Resolution: 100% Graphics Card: requires a 3D-capable graphics card with a minimum of 64MB of memory.
  • Cookies: Must be enabled; Mouse: A two-button mouse with a scroll wheel is required.
  • Adobe Reader: Adobe Reader 5.0 or higher is required to be able to open and view the finished design.
  • The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.
Launching for the first time
  • Because the MiTek Deck Designer is built with state of the art technology, it may take a couple minutes to load the first time you launch it. However, subsequent uses will load elements much faster. It is worth the wait!
How do I change my view?
  1. Perspective: Click and hold the left mouse button and then move your mouse. Release when you have the desired view.
  2. Location: Location adjusts where your deck appears in the preview window (much like a scroll-bar would). Click and hold the right mouse button and then move your cursor. Release when you have the desired view.
  3. Zoom: Zoom allows you to control the scale of the view displayed in the preview window. Use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom - rotating the wheel away from you (or "up") to zoom in, or towards you ("down") to zoom out.
How many levels can be added to my design?
  • The Deck Designer allows you to add one additional level off an edge of the main level. This function is available by going to the Design menu (the ruler icon on the toolbar) and then selecting Add Second Level.
Can I save my design and finish it later?
  • Yes. Click the folder-shaped icon in the upper right and click Save and Print. When the design has finished processing (it takes approx. 30 seconds), it will be saved in your Project list. From there you can open and modify your design, access your design report, email it, print out a .csv copy of your materials list, or delete the project entirely. You can also create a template of the design for future use.
I see a project in my project list that is open. When I try to open it or access it, nothing happens.
  • There could be a few reasons why this happened: The app was exited prior to completing the project; The processing was interrupted somehow; There was an error in processing your design and the project was not saved. Unfortunately, the project can no longer be accessed. It is safe to delete it and begin a new project.
Can I work on more than one project in the app at a time?
  • No, the Deck Designer only operates properly with one instance of the application launched at a time. Trying to launch more than once in separate windows or tabs may cause your browser to freeze, resulting in the loss of your design. Save and process each design before you attempt to begin another.
It looks like part of the app is getting cut off on my screen. Which resolution should I use?
  • Your screen resolution should be set to 1920 x 1080 dpi or higher. This can be done under the display settings in either the Control Panel (PCs) or the System Settings (Macs). Please consult your computer's Help documentation if you cannot locate your system options.
The app is running very slow (or taking a long time to download). What's the problem?
  • here are many things that can affect the performance of the Deck Designer. Limited internet access, older computers, devices, and/or graphics cards, and insufficient amounts of system memory can all result in the app loading slowly and feeling "sluggish", slow to respond, or taking a long time to process.
I have looked through the FAQ, but my question isn't answered here. What can I do next?
  • For questions about using the Deck Designer, send an email to For product-related questions, email: Questions will be answered within 2 business days.

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